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Jaco Contracting offers the best roof replacement, repair, and new roof installation service for residential and commercial properties in Savanna and Chatham County, Georgia. Our professional roofing technicians have expertise in many styles of roofing for homes and commercial properties.

JACO Contracting is proud to serve as the best roofing service in Savannah and Chatham County. Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city and the largest historical district in the United States. Savannah offers everything you imagine about an elegant Southern Town: bed & breakfasts, excellent dining options, boutiques, and more. You may enjoy hunting for antiques, sightseeing, or coastal recreation at the lovely nearby beaches including Tybee Island.

Residential and Commercial roofers that you can trust.

Our Savannah roofers work with your insurance companies to help you obtain all insurance coverage to which you are entitled. We believe we offer you the best in service and value for commercial roofing, residential roofing, metal and shingle roofing, and all related services.

Top quality roofing materials used for residential roofing and commercial roofing in Savannah.

Our professional roofing technicians have expertise in many styles of roofing for homes and for commercial properties. Whether you are looking for roof repair, replacement, new installation, or roof maintenance servicing, we are the team of professional roofing contractors for you. We take care of it all.  Remember, JACO uses top-quality material, offers FREE inspections, FREE estimates.  Financing is also available.


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Roof Replacement – Roof Installation – Roof Repair

Best Residential Roofing in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

We are the roofing company Savannah GA residents count on for roof cleaning, repairs, and new installations. We specialize in custom designs that utilize high-quality roofing materials specifically designed for luxury homes. We repair and install roofs made of asphalt shingles, metal, tile, wood shakes, and slate. We understand that your residential property is a big investment, and it is our mission to maintain or restore your home back to the best working condition for you and your family. Call today for the best residential roofing in Chatham County and cities like Savannah, Pooler and Tybee Island Georgia.!

Best Commercial Roofing in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

We offer all the commercial roofing Savannah businesses need. Our commercial roofing specialties include working with flat roofs, peaked roofs, and custom-roof designs. Our installation and repair team can work with all the popular types of commercial roofing materials as well. For example, on flat roofs, we work with very resilient and durable materials designed for application on commercial buildings. Contact Jaco Contracting for the best commercial roofing in Chatham County and cities like Savannah, Pooler and Tybee Island Georgia.

Best Roof Repair in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

Roof repairs include finding leaks, removing damaged roofing, and then making any repairs that may include fixing damage caused by the leak that is underneath the roof. After the repairs are made, the new roofing is installed where required. The roof repair Savannah GA residents may need includes dealing with storm damage from heavy rains, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. This may include repairing gutters on home roofs or new gutter and downspouts installation. Jaco Contracting is proud to offer the best roof repair in Chatham County and cities like Savannah, Pooler and Tybee Island Georgia.

Best Roof Replacement in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

Roof replacement includes using proper insulation on roof surfaces and may also include using spray foam insulation in the attic if needed. We also install gutters and downspouts. We replace gutters on homes with new gutter installation along with the new roof.

When choosing a roofing contractor Savannah GA business and residents choose us because of our quality work and outstanding reputation within the community for excellent customer service. Roof replacement cost is determined easily by getting a free roof estimate.  Jaco Contracting offers free roof inspections in Chatham County and cities like Savannah, Pooler and Tybee Island Georgia.

Best Roof Cleaning in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

The roof cleaning Savannah GA residents need includes annual roof cleaning to preserve the integrity of the roof installation and prevent any roofing leaks by making roof repairs as needed. It is a good idea for homeowners and businesses to be proactive and always have a routine annual roof inspection and roof maintenance program to help avoid serious troubles before they start. If you are unsure the services you may need to keep your residential or commercial property in shape, call Jaco!

Best Roof Shingles in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

Roof shingles come in a variety of styles, colors, and quality. For best results, choose a high-quality type of roof shingle for new roof installation and be sure to consider the guarantee for the materials used for the roof estimate.

Using cheaper materials is not a good idea for a new roof because you want the job to last a long time. Longer-lasting materials save money on the roof labor installation costs for more frequent roof replacement. When we do this right and do it well, a new roof will last for many decades.

Best Insulation in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

The residential roofing Savannah GA residents install, usually benefits from having the proper insulation on roof surfaces under the roof shingles. Lost heat can be reduced by using spray foam insulation in the attic. We normally include this insulation as a line item in the estimate for the roof replacement cost.

Best Gutters in Chatham County and Savannah, Georgia

A good roof is supported by a strong gutter system to properly take the rainwater away from the roof. We repair the gutter system and provide new gutter installation along with new roofs.

How long has the company been operating?

The company has been in business for over 25 years.

Is the JACO licensed?

Yes, we are a licensed roofing contractor in good standing in the state of Georgia. If you wish to verify the status of our license please visit the Georgia Secretary of State website and follow these steps: 

The category of our profession is Residential/General Contractor under the Georgia state registration system. 

What is the Better Business Bureau rating for the company?

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

What is the cost of a roof inspection?

We offer a FREE ROOF INSPECTION that will give detailed recommendations of any repairs that need to be made and the cost of a new roof installation if appropriate.

What warranties does the company offer?

The warranties we offer include coverage for both materials and labor. They are some of the strongest warranties available for roofing. The length of the materials warranty depends on the manufacturer. Naturally, higher-quality materials have longer manufacturer’s warranties.

Consult with an expert advisor when you get your FREE ROOF INSPECTION about the differences in warranties available for the roofing material choices.

What happens with the old roof during a new installation?

Removing the old roof completely and properly is an important part of any new roofing installation. We collect all the old roofing, as it is removed, for proper placement in trash bins. Taking care to do this part of the process well creates an outstanding result when the job is finished. 

What about any repairs that are needed before a new installation?

We avoid the problems caused by inferior workmanship by making sure any necessary repairs are made and adequate attic insulation is put in place, before installing the new roofing materials.

What is the protection used for landscaping?

Any landscaping that might be damaged by falling debris, when the old roofing is removed, is covered with protective tarps. Our roofing workers know not to drop any heavy pieces. The tarps catch any smaller things that fall, such as nails or smaller pieces of roofing materials. At the end of the job, we do a perfect cleanup. We use a magnetic tool to capture any fallen nails and remove them from the ground.

Once the job is finished, the exterior of your home or business will look better than when we started.

How long does a new installation take to finish?

Many new installations can be completed in one day after the old roofing is removed and the new roofing materials are delivered to the job site. From the beginning of the job to the end, we make certain that the job site stays well-organized. Each day, the job site is cleaned up by removing any debris. We do our best to create as little disturbance as possible for those using the property.

If a job takes multiple days to complete, at the end of each day the job site is cleaned up thoroughly. Everything is left in a safe condition daily as part of our quality work standards that pay attention to important details.

What kind of roofing materials are used?

Installing a new roof should be thought of as a long-term investment. A quality installation may last up to 50 years. Skimping on materials and used inferior products is not advised. The cost advantages of using the best materials available are easily demonstrated because the labor costs do not need to be paid again for a very long time.

Our recommendation is always to use the highest-quality materials available because, in the long-run, this is the most beneficial for our clients.

What added protection is used to prevent roof leaks?

We recommend using a waterproof barrier as an underlayment that goes on first before the roofing shingles or tiles, to provide additional protection from roof leaks in the future.

Another important recommended protection is using a drip metal edge. A drip metal edge allows the water to run off a few inches from the roof edge to accurately deposit the run off into the gutter system. This protects the soffit area and the fascia from having any water run down the wrong direction. It also protects any exterior decking that is installed in any places underneath the roof edge.


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