Factors that Impact the Cost of a New Roof

Factors that Impact the Cost of a New Roof

Do you need a new roof, but think it’s unaffordable?  You might be surprised to learn that the cost is lower than you think!  Every roof is different.  The replacement cost of your roof will depend on several factors:  

Roof Size

Roof size is a huge factor in pricing. Generally speaking, the bigger your home, the bigger your roof and the bigger your roof, the more materials, and labor will be required. When determining the square footage of your roof, in addition to all covered living spaces, you must also include areas such as overhangs, covered walkways, and entryways.  If you have an outbuilding that matches your home, you may wish to re-roof that as well, for added curb appeal.

Slope and Shape of Roof

Second, your roof slope and shape play important roles in determining the cost of a new roof.  The more sloped the roof, the more materials required.  In addition, a steep roof requires the use of additional safety equipment, which may increase the cost.  Complex designs of a roof generally increase the work required to repair or replace them  Examples of complex designs are roofs with multiple dormers, steep slants, gables, and/or valleys.    

Type of Roofing Material

Roofing materials vary in price.  For example,  architectural shingles are more costly than three-tab shingles and synthetic underlayment is more expensive than felt.  Material, performance, quality, warranty, and style all impact the cost.  In addition, replacement of old or worn parts such as decking, underlayment, vents, or flashing often affects the cost of the roof.      

Extent of Repairs

The condition of your existing roof may impact the cost of replacement.  If your existing roof leaks or has mold or damage to the underlying decking, the cost may increase due to additional repairs/replacement to such damage, since extra labor and materials would likely be needed.  The more damage, the higher the cost.  


JACO provides FREE INSPECTIONS AND FREE QUOTES. Our professional staff can help you to find roofing materials that work within your budget and still take great care of your home. Remember that many repairs and replacements are required due to damage to the roofing that may be covered by insurance! JACO will work diligently with your insurance company to help you obtain all the coverage to which you are entitled. 

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Financing Available!

Even if your repair is not covered by insurance, JACO’s partnership with Hearth can help you find financing options!

An Attractive Roof Can Help to Sell Your Home

Your roof is a top selling point when you put your house up for sale.   Having a new roof or a well-maintained roof helps to increase the value of your home.  Not only is an attractive roof necessary to increase curb appeal, but new buyers do not want the expense of replacing a roof shortly after purchasing a home.  Home buyers pay attention to roofs, from beautiful materials to energy efficiency. A new roof is a must for a quick sale.  If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced before you put your home on the market, call Jaco Contracting at (770) 385-5788.  Our roof experts can assist you to pick out the best type for roof for the look of your home or if your roof simply needs maintenance or a good cleaning, we do that, too!