Date Completed: 10/05/2022

Location of the Job (City): McDonough, GA

JACO Pro on this Job: Caleb Posey

Second JACO Pro on this Job: Bryar Littleton

Property Type: Residential

Insurance Paid for: Allstate

Type of Roofing Material:  Shingle

Size: 44 Squares

Owens Corning Roofing products: Oakridge® Shingles

Color Used: Onyx Black

Work type:

  • Replacement

Damage type:

  • Wind Damage

This homeowner contacted us through a Facebook post they saw. They advised they had a leak and wanted a roof inspection. Jaco pro Caleb Posey went out the same day to inspect the roof and noted over 40 wind-damaged shingles on the roof. He assisted the homeowner in filing an insurance claim. The insurance company only wanted to replace the rear slope and repair the remainder. After several trips out, an attempt to repair with Bryar helping out tremendously, and working with the adjuster we finally got the roof paid for and the homeowner only had to pay their deductible. Bryar Littleton’s assistance with the repair and Trey Barfield’s supervision of the job made it efficient and successful. JACO’s teamwork is always top-of-the-line. Thank you to the Johnson Family for trusting  JACO Contracting and Caleb Posey to get your new roof taken care of.

Hunter Philips - JACO Roofing Pro

Caleb Posey

Hunter Philips - JACO Roofing Pro

Bryar Littleton

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