Date Completed: 06/22/2022

Location of the Job (City): Roberta, GA

JACO Pro on this Job: Caleb Posey

Second JACO Pro on the job: Zach Baggett

Property Type: Residential

Paid By Insurance: Yes

Type of Roofing Material: Shingle

Roof Size: 50 square

Owens Corning Roofing products: Oakridge® Shingles

Color Used: Onyx Black

Work type: Replacement

Damage type: Wind Damage

“Thank you to Mr. Youngblood for trusting in JACO Contracting Inc and me to complete this job for you.

Mr. Youngblood reached out to me on Monday of this week and stated he had filed an insurance claim for his roof due to damage from a recent storm. He advised me that he already had the estimate from the insurance company and was ready for a new roof to be installed. He stated he saw reviews from other customers of mine and heard the great work we do. The entire process took 3 days. He had paperwork sent to me on Monday, materials ordered Tuesday, and the roof installed on Wednesday.

This could be you. Give me a call and let’s get your new roof taken care of. Thank you again Mr. Youngblood for your trust in us. Your new roof looks amazing and I know you are happy with it.”



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